Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haiti Mission Study for Children

I'm coming to you, asking for help. I am working on a mission study for the Women's Division of the United Methodist Church for the summer of 2011. The subject is Haiti. This was planned before the earthquake, but will include life before and after the earthquake. Here's a brief outline. If you can help, please contact me at and I'll send more information.

The theme of this study will be told through a Haitian storyteller, Tonton Bouki. Tonton {Uncle} Malic (pronounced Malees), one half of the popular duo, Ti Malice (smart, but mischievous) and Bouki (his slow witted friend) who are the protagonists of Haitian folktales and proverbs). Similar to “Knock, Knock….Who’s there?” Haitians have Krik (meaning shall I tell a story?)…Krak (audience’s response in agreement). This will be used as the opener for each of Tonton Bouki’s storytelling opportunities in the sessions. It will be used to draw the students in closely. Each session will have two or three opportunities for the storyteller to draw the children together and guide them through the background of the country, the life of the people of Haiti, the earthquake, and where we can help God fashion the future of this country of wonderful people. Each session will also include activities, games, songs, and food that carry out the theme.

Session 1 – information on the island formation, map of the country, natural resources, fruits, deforestation, etc.
Session 2 – early inhabitants of the island, colonial control, introduction of West African slaves, and finally the independence that the slaves were able to accomplish. We will also cover their language – how it came about and why it is a language all their own.
Session 3 – conditions that the children and their families live in today.
Session 4 – the earthquake and afterwards. I’m looking for stories of children before and after the quake, how they survived, how they live today, their everyday circumstances. These may be woven into a created story.
Session 5 – this session will have capability of being intergenerational. It will be a review and also opportunity for the children the children to see ways that they can help. Any suggestions on this will be appreciated.